Surfboard Design

Task Description; This morning I created my own surfboard design using google drawing. In the summer learning activity I learnt that i can use Shapes, Lines,  Symbols, and colours from the different designs shown on there. I also learnt that i can even use words and sentences to add to my own design for my surfboard. But my end result ended up having just colourful designs with a black background, i think it looks pretty cool. 

3 thoughts on “Surfboard Design

  1. Kia ora Eziaz,

    Great work on completing another Summer Learning Journey task. Your surfboard looks fantastic! I like the bright colours you have chosen. The placement of the purple and blue circles as well as the orange crescents really stand out for me and I can imagine that is where your feet would be while you’re surfing! Tino pai! I can see your board standing out from the crowd at the beach!

    Have you tried to surf before? It’s a lot of fun to try, but can be challenging to stand up at first. Have you spent much time at the beach this summer so far?

    I can’t wait to see what you post next.

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Thank you Simon. i have been to the beach before but i haven’t gone surfing yet but i have done boogie boarding at the beach with my brother and cousins. i also did boogie boarding in the creek with my mum and brother but it wasn’t as fun because there was no waves, just a little stream with little ripples. i have been to piha and done boogie boarding but it was dangerous because the waves were big and there were undertows which was so scary. and i only wanted to play on the black sand. one day i will try surfing in a safe beach though because it looks like fun. thanks for your comment, hope your enjoying the summer Simon

      1. Thanks, Eziaz! I’m having a great summer so far. I’m down in Christchurch and the weather today is drizzly and cold. It definitely isn’t summer weather today!

        Boogie boarding is a lot of fun! It would have been nice to float around in the stream on the boogie boards – it would have been kind of relaxing. Sounds good.

        I have a standup paddleboard that I sometimes take out on the ocean, but the waves haven’t been flat enough for me to take it out lately. Are there any other activities at the beach that you want to try? I really want to try ride a jetski one day.

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