Magic String/Summer Learning Journey

One thought on “Magic String/Summer Learning Journey

  1. Kia ora Eziaz,

    I know that trick too. Everybody used to do it in school. That is a whai string game. That is where the magic string activity you have done has come from. Whai string games are just creating patterns with string. They were a way for warriors to practice their hand eye coordination and often the patterns they made told stories.

    Were you able to create any other patterns with your string? Keep practicing and you might be able to make some really complicated patterns to show your friends at school.

    Remember to include as much information in your description as possible. I’ve included some ideas below for you to help you with the structure of a description.

    Introduction – this can be a simple, welcome back to my blog. Introduce the activity you are going to do briefly by name.
    Task description – a detailed description of the task your going to complete.
    How you completed the activity.
    Reflection – What you found interesting, fun, difficult, etc Did you like the activity, did you not?
    Learnings – Anything you learnt, this might be some research you did on the subject matter.

    Did you learn anything about whai string games?
    Can you think of any other traditional Maori games?


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