Year: 2023

Magic Music/Summer Learning Journey 🎻

Task Description:I listened to the song Ode To Joy that was made by Beethoven.When I hear the music I feel amazed because there are so many different sounds.It makes me think about how they are playing the music and putting all the sounds together to make it sound good.It is a very busy song and it makes me think of life and how busy life can be.When I made my own song I wanted it to feel happy and calm and not to busy like Ode To Joy.

Sunset At The Beach/Summer Learning Journey

Task Description:I learnt about sunsets and sunrises and how they change colours. I learnt that when the Earth rotates around the sun the light from the sun makes different colours in the sky.When it gets to night time the sun light starts to go away and different colours start to come out in the sky like Yellow, Orange and Red.In the Morning the sun comes out and the darkness of night goes away.The sunrise has the same colours as the sunset that is also from the light coming from the sun.