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Recount: Immersion Rotations/Writing Warm Up

On Monday, the first day of school, we did an inquiry rotation. Me and my class first went to room 10.We had to take a photo of us and then put it onto a colour for our emotion.We also had to buddy up with someone else as well.


After that we went to room 9 and we had to say close the window but in different phrases.We had to get into a circle and say close the window.After that we had to say up the wahs but in different phrase as well.We had to pick 5 different phrases and then take a video of our self saying them.


After that we had morning tea.After having morning tea we went to room 8 to do an emotion train. We had to take photos of ourselves for the emotion we had to do on each slide.We could also buddy up with someone or we could go on our own.


When we finished that we went to do bus stop freeze frame with room 7.We had to buddy up with 4 people and write about what we think the emotion was.We had to go on each table and then we had to read a story called Goldilocks and the three bears.After reading we had to do a freeze frame for the story.We had to do it in front of the other groups and then we had to watch the other group do it.After that we had to do 2 more freeze frames for the story.


When we finished we went to have lunch.After lunch time we went to room 6 to do music & emotions.We had to go on YouTube and find songs for our emotions.it was fun finding music for the task.


Task Description:I had to do a writing warm up before writing(Above). 

About me Writing 2024

Kia ora.My name is Eziaz. I am a Yr6 Pt England school. My teacher’s name is Miss Tuia. I enjoy playing video games with my brother and dad, and washing the car outside our house .I also like to go out for walks to waterfalls and explore different places. Something else I like to do is swim at the pools. I play Rugby on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also play basketball every Monday after school. I love learning about nature, life and space.

Camp Thankyou Letter 2024

Task Description:I had to write a thank you letter to some on that helped at camp.

Dear Mrs  Sio 


Thank you for taking us to our activities and giving us the gifts for the camp concert. Also thank you for improving our dance better during  practice Times and teaching us how to do it properly and making us do challenges While going on the bus to the pools on friday. 


Also, thank you for giving us treats before we went to bed and forcing everyone to try Their best at doing the kayaking and cyclo ball and the camp concert. And Thank you for picking out dances that we had to practise even when I was Away from school. 


 Thanks for adding some different parts into the chant when practising for The concert. And thank you for cheering all of us  on at the cyclo ball.