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?The Junkyard?/Wonder Writing

One day I was  walking on the side of the beach but then I saw a bulldozer on the other side of a road.When I got there I saw rubbish that was being pushed to a mountain of rubbish.I went to go have a look to see what there was.

Next I had a look on the other side of it.I saw 10 dollars when I was looking but then a bulldozer came with more rubbish that was coming.I ran and made it to the other side .Then I fell down and then I got knocked out.

Then I woke up inside of this weird looking place.Then I saw someone standing. I “said” where  I was and he “said” that I was in his house.Then I quickly got off his bed and ran to his door and opened it and then ran back to the rubbish mountain..

After I got on the other side of the rubbish mountain and then I slowed down because there was a hole that had fire in it.Then I saw bulldozers that were pushing rubbish into the hole to be burnt.

Finally I ran around the hole to try and get to the road.After leaving the hole I could see the beach that was on the other side of the road.I crossed the road and went to the beach.After I got to the beach I walked back to my car and hoped in and then drove home.

The elephant being the loch ness monster

One day I was at a lake in Scotland.I was sitting down on a bench. But then I saw a long neck coming out of the water.It was a mysterious creature  that was swimming right towards me.I was running back to the car park and hid behind a car.


Next I ran to people to tell them that there was something that was coming to me but they didn’t believe  me so went back to see if it was still there but it wasn’t there so I stayed there and waited for it to come back.


Then I saw it coming to me again.I was ready to face my fears and was ready to go see what it wanted.Then when it was close to me I looked at it eyes and then realised that it wasn’t going to eat me because I thought it was hungry so it wanted to eat me for it’s lunch.


Finally I touched it’s neck and then I realised it was fake.It felt like plastic. But then the head fell off and then saw a trunk.It was an elephant. It looked hungry and then I searched up what it eats.It said that they like to eat grass. So I got some grass and gave it to eat. 


And then I helped it up and let it free.The I searched up what the creature’s name was and it said that it was the lochness monster. Luckily it wasn’t the real one because I would have been loch ness monster food.


After that I walked back to the car park, got in my car and left to go home.

At The beach/Wonder Writing.

One day I was at a beach with my friends and family.I was swimming in the water with my friends.I played beach volleyball too.After playing volleyball I went to buy ice cream for me and my friends.I got Lemon and Lime flavoured ice cream and my friends got Cookie and Cream.


Then I walked to my family.My friends were still at the ice cream shop eating their ice cream.When I got to my family they had put a gazebo up and they had started a bbq.I helped them with the sausages that were on the bbq.


After that I got some bread and tomato sauce.I made myself a sausage sizzle. After eating some food I went to go swimming.Finally I got out of the water and then changed into some new clothes and then got ready to leave and go home.Soon I said goodbye to my friends and family and drove home and had a shower and went to bed and had a nap.

The Horror Movie,Wonder Writing

One day I was at the movies with my friends.I was going to watch a horror movie.I got popcorn and fizzy and then got me and my friends tickets. After I got the tickets we went to the movie.When we got there we sat in the chairs.


Soon the movie started.There were ghosts and scary dolls and zombies eating people.I was frightened. My friends weren’t because they like horror movies but I don’t like horror movies.Then there was a house that had monsters in it.


I tried to not scream but my friends were quiet because they were eating popcorn and drinking fizzy.I just sat there hiding so I couldn’t see the movie.I was scared to watch,My friends don’t care about me.


Soon the movie was done but I was scared my friends asked if I was ok and I said I’m just tired and they said OK then.After that we got to our car and drove back home. I will never watch that movie ever again and I will  never watch horror movies ever again because it is too scary.

Wounder Writing.A Tornado,Me And The Tornado🌪

One Day I was on a farm.It was a sunny day but then it was getting darker.  a tornado formed in front of my eyes. It was trying to get to the ground.


I quickly got my camera and took a picture.But the tornado got to the ground and was sucking things and destroying the power lines.  I was frightened so I ran away as fast as I could so I could get to my van and drive far from it.


Next the tornado was at the farm that I was at, I saw cows flying into the tornado.  I said to myself, Poor cows, I should have led them away but it was too late because I didn’t think of saving them because there was a tornado that was sucking things!.


But I found my van and got in and then when I looked at the tornado it was nearly close to me. So I drove the van away to a different field and then took another photo of the tornado.


Finally the tornado was starting to disappear.  It was gone when I came back to take a photo. But at least I got away from it.  


I will never do that ever again.


The woolly mammoth

When I was in Antarctica I was with my friends going for a cold walk. When me and my friends were walking we came across a Woolly mammoth. It was frozen so me and my friends got some tools and we started to mine it free so it can run off to its home where its family is. We were nearly done mining it free.It was hard so we went back to the lab and got a drill. So we went back and got back to work to get it out of the cold as ice.Soon it was starting to move a bit. Then we were able to get it out of the ice.Then it walked away to its home.