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Choose It Narrative

One Day me and my brother saw an old broken down Airport.There was nothing inside the old Airport and  planes.When we went outside .everything was flooded with water.The planes engines were flooded  with water.But then my brother “said” let’s go see what’s inside the planes and the Airport.When we went inside the planes everything was covered with water.All the things in the plane was gone.

When we got out of the plane the old bridge broke into bits.My brother was sad that we were going to live in the water forever.But then there was a tree next to the plane’s window so we could get out of the plane because the water in the plane was coming up.When i went first my brother got stuck on one of the bits of old chair and drowned.So then i went back inside and helped my brother and got out safely to land.Then we went inside the airport.And made a fire to get warm.

When we were warm and went to see inside the other planes and came back to see what’s inside the airport and went back home and told our mum and what we saw at the old airport.Then the next day we went back to the broke down airport.When we got there we saw people fixing the planes and airport.Me and my brother went inside the airport and it was new.Everything was all new like the set’s and outside was new too like the planes.