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The elephant and the black sat.

Task Description:  I did a wounder writing task that was about a elephant and a black cat.


One hot sunny day I was wandering into a giant forest. Up ahead I saw a river. 


Suddenly I saw an enormous elephant drinking water from the waterfall. I even saw a black cat on a pile of rocks. 


Then the enormous elephant stomped towards the black cat. The black cat moved away. 


Next I went close to the elephant. Then it looked at me. It didn’t care about me so it went back to the black cat. 


After that I went for a swim in the river but then the elephant used his trunk to pick me up and swing me on his back towards the side of the river. 


Then I got my towel and dried myself to get warm. I tried to get the black cat back to land but it was scratching me all over my face and my arms. I was shocked, because he was scratching me.  


So I was trying to feed the black cat with fish. The cat was scared that she wouldn’t come to me.  


But then the elephant came and got the cat.  Then he picked her up and put her on the side of the river.  Then the cat ran away into the forest.

Duffy Assembly

On a windy Friday afternoon at Pt England School after lunch my class went to watch a show that was about duffy in space. When we got there it was full with heaps of class.But they were waving at all of us. So we waved back at them. Then we started to sing a song. Then we got into some rules. They were about sitting on the floor  because we were going on a journey around the world. At the start Duffy came to the front with pink space  noodles.After she was talking about space and the stars  and the sun and then plants to her cousin and dad. Then they were teaching us about space and the stars I felt so happy because I love space and the sun and stars. I kind of like planets but stars and stars. So i keeped on watching the show when Duffy found a wormhole. So Duffy went inside into a new world that had gravity. Duffy knew that it was space because of all of the stars. But then she lost some of her books that she packed up at home. She took out one of them that was about space. She started to read about space. Then she closed it and put it back in her bag so she could keep on adventuring through space. But an alien that had a  red and orange suit that looked like Duffy clothes. Duffy started to scream because it came close to her and it looked  scary and creepy. But then it took out a crystal that could make it talk. Then another one came to Duffy and it had a yellow and blue suit. They all look like her and her cousin that was back on the other side of the wormhole. Then they told her that there was a wormhole that could probably take her to her home. So she said goodbye and went through. It took her to a place where stars are born. So then she touched one but it spat out slime. So went back to the wormhole and went back to the first spot she was at that had the same aliens. So then they went back to another wormhole. So she said bye and went in again. It was a cold place. So she walked until she got frozen. But the aliens came and picked her up and took her back through the wormhole and unfroze her. Then she could. She was sad that she could not make it home. Then they found her books. Then Duffy knew that those were her books. Then they said we could follow it back to her wormhole. Then they made it back to the wormhole that could take her home. So she said goodbye and went through. Then she went home.Then she was happy she made it back home. But when it was finished one of the aliens came to the wormhole and through. Then it had ended and we were clapping while they were bowing to all of us. Then we all said thankyou. After that we all went back to class and packed up because school was nearly finished.

About me Writing

Task Description: I made a task that was about me.



What do you want to be welcomed with?

Kia ora, Talofa… 

Kia ora.Hello
Who are you?

Name/ Year/ Teachers

My name is Eziaz and I am in room 9 and my teacher’s name is Mrs Sio.

I enjoy, I like, My favourite

I love  to play with my brother Cruze at home.
Sports/ Hobbies

I play, On the weekend,

I love to play Basketball.

Anything else?

I like to dance.


Check your ideas. 

Is all of what you have written Cybersmart?


Final copy for blog

Kia ora. Hello.

 My name is Eziaz and I am a year 5 in room 9. My teacher’s name is Mrs Sio. 

I like to play minecraft with my brother on the weekends or in the holiday’s. I love to play basketball at the park with my dad, brother and with my  cousin’s when they come for a sleepover. 

I also like to dance Hip Hop.

Share or Not-to-Share

Task Description: This task was about what to share and not to share.

Information you CAN share online

(Public information – that you would share online.  

You would share it with your friends).

Information you SHOULDN’T share online

(Private information – that you should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher). 

  • Art
  • Work
  • Picture’s
  • Hair cut
  • Travel details 
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Bank account
  • Last name
  • Number plate (vehicle/car)

For The Birds?.

Today me and my friends were working on a task called For The Birds.

(15 little birds sitting on a power line)


Angle:   hey guys                                              


 Lewis: whatsup look at that big bird.

(They all turn and look at the big bird sitting on the power pole)

 Jaxson, why are you so mean.     

Papa :Oh no he wants to hang out with us Jakson.

  (He is not allowed to hang with us because he is a big bird and the little birds that are allowed to hang with us.)                                                                         


Jaxson:: Oh no he’s too big and not part of us.


Angle: why are you so mean? 


Lewis: No ,you’re not allowed to come and hang 

(Your not allowed to hang out because you are soout with us.


taff all a day.


Blees:ing why are you laughing at me?.