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Spy mouse.

Last week I was in and I saw a mouse getting cheese from a restrot. The mouse was a Spy mouse. The mouse was smarter than any other mouse. I was hiding outside so then it wont see me. But when I looked back it was stealing cheese from the tables. So I went to the front door and opened the door and hid under the tables. But I saw a big plate of cheese. I then had a plan to trap the mouse and flush it down the toilet. So I went for it and made a trap. 9 hours later I had a look and it was gone so I was walking to look for it but I stepped in my own trap then I saw it running away to its home with all the cheese he had in his bag.

Describing a Waka Voyage

Today in New Zealand I was paddling in the sea with other men. I was in a Waka that was longer than us. We were going back to shore before the tide went back.So we were paddling in the waka with the fish we got for our village. When I got back to shore all the people were happy to see that we were going to have some dinner with our village.Then were going to a lake or river or creek or the beach.After we had dinner we went to a waterfall that was near by to us.Then it was night and all of us were tired from the day.Finally we went to bed for a nap and wake up the next day.

Will he save her?.

In the beginning the city was calm.The people were happy until a villain came to the city and went to a building  and told all the people to leave or else they would be stuck in the building with a bom. The bad guys name was Batman.Batman was a good guy but someone got a gun that was with something that could make a good guy turn into a bad guy. Spiderman went to the city. Spiderman could shut webs to building’s so he could fly in the air like Iornman or Superman.But not like Superman because Superman does not

shut webs. Never mind.Then Spiderman saved a lady from falling off the building because Batman kicked a lady off the building. Iornman and Thor got Batman and shut him with something that could make him turn back to a good guy.Spiderman saved the lady and put the lady on the ground the lady “said” thank you.And then they all left and went home. Then something else happened Spiderman and the lady that was falling from the building went to the ice cream shop and they each got an ice cream to eat while they watched fireworks on a building. Then they “said” goodbye to each other and went home for a good as sleep for the next day because they had to go to school because they don’t want to be late for school because they would be sleeping in class while the teacher teach them math and all kinds of things they they need to learn before they are adult’s.