Laser Maze Design/Summer Learning Journey

Task Description:I watched a really great video on making laser mazes.And it made me excited to design my own.First I had to imagine where I would want to make my maze because there is no garden at my house and only a small yard outside too.I wanted it to be in the lounge because there is more space and things for the lasers to go to.In my lounge I have a TV, Couches, a Turtle Tank, and plants.I thought it would be a good idea for the lasers to go from the different furniture in the lounge and make them different heights and distances from each other.I think it would make my laser maze more harder for anyone who tested it out, like an obstacle course.The lines I have put in would be wool or string if I made it in real life.

One thought on “Laser Maze Design/Summer Learning Journey

  1. Kia ora Eziaz,

    What I like most about your design is how you have thought about the space and replicated your lounge. Great thinking. You should have had something special (a special rock or something) that you have to collect without touching a single laser. Kind of like a spy maze.

    You have done a great job replicating your lounge, I imagine that was challenging. Did you find it difficult? Thank you for including a description in your blog post that makes things so much easier for people viewing your blog. We are able to read it to get some information and context about your blog post.

    Remember to include questions in your blog post. You can ask things for your readers to answer. For example, ‘How long do you think it will take you to get through the lasers?’ or even something you’re curious about like, ‘I wonder how lasers work?’

    Keep up the blogging Eziaz,

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