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The elephant and the black sat.

Task Description:  I did a wounder writing task that was about a elephant and a black cat.


One hot sunny day I was wandering into a giant forest. Up ahead I saw a river. 


Suddenly I saw an enormous elephant drinking water from the waterfall. I even saw a black cat on a pile of rocks. 


Then the enormous elephant stomped towards the black cat. The black cat moved away. 


Next I went close to the elephant. Then it looked at me. It didn’t care about me so it went back to the black cat. 


After that I went for a swim in the river but then the elephant used his trunk to pick me up and swing me on his back towards the side of the river. 


Then I got my towel and dried myself to get warm. I tried to get the black cat back to land but it was scratching me all over my face and my arms. I was shocked, because he was scratching me.  


So I was trying to feed the black cat with fish. The cat was scared that she wouldn’t come to me.  


But then the elephant came and got the cat.  Then he picked her up and put her on the side of the river.  Then the cat ran away into the forest.

Colourful Sheep

On the weekend, I was at my nannies house that was at a farm.  I went to have a l

ook at the sheeps. They looked normal.


 The next day I went to have a look again but they were all colourful. I went to wake up my family  to show them what had happened to the sheeps. 


They were all surprised. So I went into the paddock. I was not happy because they all looked ugly with the black and white when I saw them the day before . I went and fed the sheeps some chicken food because they love to eat it when I tried to feed the chickens. Then when I went to feed the lambs they were colourful too. I gave them some grass and some milk. 

  Then I went back inside to have dinner. 


The next day I went to see the Sheeps. But they were back to being black and white. I was so upset that they were back to their normal colour.