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Immersion Assembly

Recount: Immersion Assembly

WALT: structure a recount using detailed and descriptive language.
When people read this recount they should feel interested and excited. This week we have been finding out all our new topic for the term and you are going to create a recount about our immersion assembly we had on Wednesday. Use the class brainstorm from the jam board to help you get started:


Introduction On a cloudy and cool Wednesday morning all of the students at Pt England School gathered in the hall for our term 2 immersion assembly. We have an immersion assembly at the start of every term to learn about our new topic. The teachers create movies and items to introduce what we will be learning about. Mrs Nua led the assembly as Mr Burt was away.
Body Paragraph One Then we  watched the year one movie. Their movie was about cooking. They made jelly and they made a hot drink.
Body Paragraph Two Team two was next. There was one was  singing about. Gas, solid and liquid. 
Body Paragraph Three The team Thee was next. There one  was science . They made elephant toothpaste and other cool science things.
Conclusion My favourite one was the year three one because it was cool and fun to watch.