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Colourful Sheep

On the weekend, I was at my nannies house that was at a farm.  I went to have a l

ook at the sheeps. They looked normal.


 The next day I went to have a look again but they were all colourful. I went to wake up my family  to show them what had happened to the sheeps. 


They were all surprised. So I went into the paddock. I was not happy because they all looked ugly with the black and white when I saw them the day before . I went and fed the sheeps some chicken food because they love to eat it when I tried to feed the chickens. Then when I went to feed the lambs they were colourful too. I gave them some grass and some milk. 

  Then I went back inside to have dinner. 


The next day I went to see the Sheeps. But they were back to being black and white. I was so upset that they were back to their normal colour. 

WW roller Coaster

ask Description: I did a 5 minute task. So i had to write about a roller Coaster ride.

In the morning I hopped into my car and drove to a carnival that had a roller coaster that went into the ocean and came out the other side. So I went to the roller coaster station and was waiting for the roller coaster to come.  Then it came so I hopped into  the roller coaster and went into the water and then around a tunnel then into a dark scary cave that scary bats and even green crystals and blue,yellow, even red and purple. Then  I got out of the cave and went under a tall waterfall.After that it went back to the station. So I went to get a Hot Dog and got ice cream and went home and ate them all while watching a movie.