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?The Junkyard?/Wonder Writing

One day I was  walking on the side of the beach but then I saw a bulldozer on the other side of a road.When I got there I saw rubbish that was being pushed to a mountain of rubbish.I went to go have a look to see what there was.

Next I had a look on the other side of it.I saw 10 dollars when I was looking but then a bulldozer came with more rubbish that was coming.I ran and made it to the other side .Then I fell down and then I got knocked out.

Then I woke up inside of this weird looking place.Then I saw someone standing. I “said” where  I was and he “said” that I was in his house.Then I quickly got off his bed and ran to his door and opened it and then ran back to the rubbish mountain..

After I got on the other side of the rubbish mountain and then I slowed down because there was a hole that had fire in it.Then I saw bulldozers that were pushing rubbish into the hole to be burnt.

Finally I ran around the hole to try and get to the road.After leaving the hole I could see the beach that was on the other side of the road.I crossed the road and went to the beach.After I got to the beach I walked back to my car and hoped in and then drove home.