Tag: Summer Learning Journey

Wicked Wave Surfboard

Task Description: After working on designing my own surfboard, I then made up my own company for this task. It was hard trying to think of a name but when i thought of surfing and going to the beach on a surf board i then thought of wicked waves. so i mixed that with surfboards and it sounded good. This was a really fun task!

Surfboard Design

Task Description; This morning I created my own surfboard design using google drawing. In the summer learning activity I learnt that i can use Shapes, Lines,  Symbols, and colours from the different designs shown on there. I also learnt that i can even use words and sentences to add to my own design for my surfboard. But my end result ended up having just colourful designs with a black background, i think it looks pretty cool. 

Musical Fractions T1 SlJ

Task Description:I learnt about time signature for music. I learnt some of the different note names  and the beats that go with them. It was interesting to know how many claps that go with the beat. I’ve seen these notes before in my church hymn books and I would like to see if i can understand some the time signatures in there.

Hundertwasser art T1

Task Description: I learnt about a famous artist named  Friedensreich Hundertwasser who comes from a place called Austria. He has done art work in many places around the world including New Zealand. One special place is the toilets in Kawakawa (my family is from the Bay of Islands). The toilets are famous and I can see them every time my family and I drive through Kawakawa town. Whangarei also has a museum that I have been passed before. I didn’t know who made it so i liked learning about Hundertwasser today. I enjoyed making my own picture inspired by Hundertwasser. I used raindrops, lollipop trees, no straight lines and onion domes. I also used gel pens, crayons, pencils and pastels to make my art piece.

No place like home NZSL

Task Description: For today’s task I had to choose my favourite part out of  this song by Tiki Taane “No place like home”. Then I had to copy the sign language that they used in the clip and do some practices before recording my version of my favourite part. It was fun to do and I really like the song now and the words. My family like it too. We watched the other video too that was made in Tauranga. Both videos are really interesting and maybe I will find other song videos with sign language.