Laser Maze/Summer Learning Journey

2 thoughts on “Laser Maze/Summer Learning Journey

  1. Kia ora Eziaz,

    I did not know you and Cruze were siblings. I have been seeing his work as well. It must be helpful having a brother working on the Summer Learning Journey too, it means you can work on the activities together and compete against each other in challenges like this one.

    You did well on the lazer challenge. I will say if they were real lasers you might have gotten burnt a couple of times because you accidently touched the lasers but you were very speedy. Have you ever seen a movie that has lasers like this in it?

    Thank you for including the videos, I really enjoyed watching them. It looks like you and your siblings had a wonderful time.

    What has been your favourite Summer Learning Journey activity so far?


    1. Kia Ora Anna.Thanks For the comment and nice spotting on the videos.I have seen a movie with laser and it is called over the hedge.On that movie there are animals that try and steal food from house so a lady gets a laser surcirty system.She uses the system to try catch the animals but instead catchs a bear, an exterminator and her self.It is very funny.My favourite activate was the rock pool design because I had to use materials around my house to make a rock pool.Thank you for commenting on my blog Anna.Bye

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