New Zealand Birds: Our Feathered Friends – Response to Text

  • What is the name of the native New Zealand bird known for its vibrant blue feathers, long red bill, and distinctive white under tail?


  1. A) Tui
  2. B) Kea
  3. C) Pukeko
  4. D) Ruru

  • Which native New Zealand bird is renowned for its melodious song and iridescent plumage?


  1. A) Weka
  2. B) Piwakawaka
  3. C) Tui
  4. D) Ruru

Inference Questions:

  • Why are Wekas vulnerable to population declines in some areas, according to the article?


  1. A) Due to their flightless nature
  2. B) Because of their fearless behaviour
  3. C) Predation by introduced species
  4. D) Lack of suitable habitat

  • Why are Keas described as cheeky birds in the article?


  1. A) Because they have bright orange underwings
  2. B) Due to their olive-green plumage
  3. C) Because they often investigate objects and vehicles
  4. D) Because they inhabit alpine regions

  • Based on the article, what role do Rurus play in the ecosystem?


  1. A) Controlling nocturnal pests
  2. B) Mimicking sounds from their environment
  3. C) Investigating backpacks and tents
  4. D) Foraging for insects on the wing

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