Reading Response Task

Task Description:I had to answer questions about a story called Reckless.

Reading Response


Name of Book: Reckless 

Author:Paul Manson

What happened in…

The beginning? The middle? The end?
A boy named Kane was walking on the side of the bay and he picked up a rock to skim. Kane saw Bronzies and then saw people who were swimming in their feeding spot. He warned the people and went home and gave his report card to his dad and then he left it on the table.


  1. Who are the main characters?
Kane and the Bronzies 
  1. Tell me something interesting about one of them
Kane is reckless and he cares about other people.
  1. What kind of challenges do they take on?
Kane tried to warn people that there were Bronzies in their swimming spot.
  1. What was the most exciting/interesting part?
Kane was able to warn the people and went back home to tell his dad what had happened.
  1. Have you done anything like this before?
I have not done this before at places.


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