Mystery code or cipher/Summer Learning Journey

Task Description:I learnt what Mystery code’s and cipher’s are.At first it looked hard because the code’s seemed tricky, but once I listened to the voice instructions I started to understand what it meant. I enjoyed figuring out the first slide. They were like puzzles, trying to find the right letters to make a word and then a sentence. It was cool when there was an answer at the end of each question. I had  fun making my own one, I hope you can solve it.Good luck!👍

2 thoughts on “Mystery code or cipher/Summer Learning Journey

  1. Mōrena Eziaz,

    What an awesome code and cipher activity, I love this code activities as they are such a fun brain workout. I love doing escape rooms so deciphering codes is something I find super fun and challenging!

    My Mum actually made this activity so I found it super easy to decipher her codes but it looks like you had a lot of success deciphering them as well!! Was there any code that you found especially difficult or way too easy?

    I think I have managed to decipher your code. Does it say “Rotorua and waitomo”? Those would definitely be some awesome places to visit in the summertime, have you ever been to either?

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

    1. Hi Zana. That’s cool that your mum made the code.I had fun Deciphering them and creating my own.You were very close in figuring out my codes.The first one is correct,it was Rotorua which is a place my family and I go to for holidays.It’s our favourite holiday place.The second place is called Waiomio, which is up north in the Bay of Islands.My family is from there and we also go there for holidays but its more like our home because we have family who live there.We go swimming in the creek and tourists like to go to the Waiomio glow worm caves to learn about my tupuna who survived in the caves.There is a huge eel that lives in the caves in a little rockpool called Elvis and he is very very old!Any ways thanks for commenting on my blog.Bye🖐

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