Welcome to Samoa (Response to Text)

Welcome to Samoa 

(Response to Text)

  • What is the capital of Samoa?
  1. a) Wellington
  2. b) Apia
  3. c) Auckland
  4. d) Savai’i

  • Samoa is made up of how many main islands?
  1. a) 1
  2. b) 2
  3. c) 5
  4. d) 10

  • What is the main religion in Samoa? 
  1. a) Hinduism
  2. b) Christianity
  3. c) Islam
  4. d) Buddhism

  • Which of these is NOT a common crop grown in Samoa? 
  1. a) Coconuts
  2. b) Apples
  3. c) Bananas
  4. d) Taro

  • Describe what the landscape of Samoa looks like


It looks like a summer vacation in Hawaii with coconut trees and palm trees as well as clear water that surrounds the island and beautiful mountains that look like a great place to go hiking.

  • What is tapa cloth, and how is it made?


Tapa clothes are like mats that are made by soaking bark and beating it.

  • The text mentions that tourism is the most important industry in Samoa. What does this tell you about the beauty and attractions of Samoa?


It tells me that lots of people like to go there and check out all the beautiful places.


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