Immersion Assembly Recount

Task Description. Today I went to Immersion Assembly with my class. Today we went to the Assembly inside the hall because outside was wet and soggy.So instead  we went to the hall for assembly. Then  we had to go sit down. Next Mr Somerville flew a drone in the hall. Then  Mr Jacobson was going to put a video of all of us sitting on the ground  .After the video Team 1 was teachers were doing a story of them painting a person.The  colours were Blue, Pink, Yellow and grey. After it was yr 2 teachers. There one was painting their own face. Then team 3 made a video of them singing songs. Soon it was team 4. Then it was team 5.The team 5 one was funny because it was Beauty and the Beast. Finally we went back to class and started the day by working until school was done.

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