The Horror Movie,Wonder Writing

One day I was at the movies with my friends.I was going to watch a horror movie.I got popcorn and fizzy and then got me and my friends tickets. After I got the tickets we went to the movie.When we got there we sat in the chairs.


Soon the movie started.There were ghosts and scary dolls and zombies eating people.I was frightened. My friends weren’t because they like horror movies but I don’t like horror movies.Then there was a house that had monsters in it.


I tried to not scream but my friends were quiet because they were eating popcorn and drinking fizzy.I just sat there hiding so I couldn’t see the movie.I was scared to watch,My friends don’t care about me.


Soon the movie was done but I was scared my friends asked if I was ok and I said I’m just tired and they said OK then.After that we got to our car and drove back home. I will never watch that movie ever again and I will  never watch horror movies ever again because it is too scary.