Describing a Maori Village

Task Description:Today i wrote about a Maori village.

One sunny day when it was not raining there was a Maori village on a mountain .      When I went up the path I saw a man holding a baby in his hand. As I was walking up some more I smelled something cooking in a fire . When I went up the stairs it was a  group of people cooking a hangi to eat with all the other people in the village . When I went  up the stairs   I could  see houses made out of hay. Next when we go higher I can see animals like chickens and cows plus goats and dogs and pigs outside on the grass on a farm. When we go up some more I can see more houses made out of hay and sticks. Then I can see washing getting dried on the vines that were made out of flakes.  I was glad to be in the Maori village. 

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